Former Deputy Commissioners

    Former Deputy Commissioners
    Name Designation Duration
    Sh J. D. Kalraoffg Assistant Commissioner04/06/1984 to 04/10/1984
    Sh D .D .Raooffg Assistant Commissioner05/10/1984 to 28/10/1984
    Sh R.M KambleAssistant Commissioner29/10/1984 to 22/08/1988
    Sh D.K Vermaoffg Assistant Commissioner23/08/1988 to 16/02/1991
    Sh D.K Vermaoffg Assistant Commissioner07/02/1991 to 22/03/1992
    COL. M.L SapruAssistant Commissioner23/03/1992 to 04/01/1994
    Sh K.K BhatAssistant Commissioner05/01/1994 to 24/08/1994
    Sh S.P BauriAssistant Commissioner25/08/1994 to 07/04/1996
    Dr. R . D VishwakarmaAssistant Commissioner08/04/1996 to 07/04/1999
    Sh S.D SharmaAssistant Commissioner08/09/1999 to 15/04/2004
    Sh B.D. Sharmaoffg Assistant Commissioner16/04/2004 to 17/05/2004
    Sh S. Vijaya KumarAssistant Commissioner08/05/2004 to 27/07/2007
    Sh S.C Khajuriaoffg Assistant Commissioner01/03/2008 to 03/06/2008
    Sh P. K. Kouloffg Assistant Commissioner04/06/2008 to 10/08/2009
    Sh P.K KoulAssistant Commissioner11/08/2009 to 15/09/2011
    Sh P.K KoulDeputy Commissioner16/09/2011 to 23/07/2012
    Sh A.S GillDeputy Commissioner24/07/2012 to 14/05/2013
    Sh A.V.L .J RaoDeputy Commissioner15/05/2013 to 10/08/2016
    Sh S .SambannaOffg Deputy Commissioner14/08/2016 to 23/03/2017
    Sh. S. SambannaDeputy Commissioner29/03/2017 to 17/07/2019
    Sh. D.P. PATELOffg Deputy Commissioner17/07/2019 to 18/08/2019
    Dr. D. ManjunathDeputy Commissioner08/09/2019 to 05/04/2023